Friday, June 30, 2006

June 30, 2006

Got back yesterday from a great trip to Ludington State Park with friends. The weather was a bit cooler than we expected but we still had a great time. Came home to a lot of weeds and small crises that happened while we were gone. A coon got into the pullet pen and killed I think five pullets. We trapped it in a live trap and gave it to someone far away. The little kids seem fascinated by this adventure.

I spent the day weeding and doing laundry. Took Anna to the cake store to get a little help on her fair cake and found out the cake leaders daughter has six kids with one on the way as well. She enjoyed talking to us about the upcoming baby due next week.

We looked into the bees today as well and they are finally putting honey in the honey supers. Later tonight we are taking two hives to a vegetable farmer's place. Hopefully that goes well. I s hould go mow the lawn but don't really feel like it.

That is all for today!


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