Saturday, March 31, 2007

My Life in Advertising

I think I made my dad's day by remembering he knew this family who invented Puffed Wheat. The author of "My Life in Advertising" helped Prof. Anderson become successful. Anna was reading the book and mentioned Puffed Wheat and I remembered how fascinated Dad was with visiting the home of the inventor. I think he had been to the factory as well. So sure enough there was a section about the inventor and I called dad to ask the fellow's name and it was one and the same. Interesting. Dad has written some short stories for the kids about what he remembers from childhood They have sort of a "Little House" feel to them. He said he would work on writing his memories of this family. I told him not to make the language too simple as he thought he needed to with the previous ones and he said he would give it a try. Dad has a remarkable memory.

Stefan is busy crawling around his crib and getting stuck in a corner. The boys, Zach and Nick are out chopping wood......WOOD! Matthew, Erik and CHarley sold Port-a-pit all day and are sort of pooped so I might send Charley out for a movie.

My mom tried to buy tickets for a Chicago Symphony Brass concert in December but they won't sell individual tickets until August 17th. How odd. A high school classmate/fellow horn player is a member of the CSO and there was supposed to be a time to go and greet the player so perhaps Dave Griffin and Karin will meet again after....a few years. That would be interesting.

Anna observed I carried my horn mouth piece around in my purse. She asked if that was in case we ran into any horns laying about? Ha-ha.

I stayed up WAY too late last night reminicsing with LaRena but had fun. We should find some chick flicks to watch next time.

Erik wants me to look up something on Ebay. Better run.

Friday, March 30, 2007

Waking babies up

I need to make a great big sign to put on all of the doors that says something about assuming the baby is asleep. LaRena and I had traded kids to get some school done again and Stefan was asleep so, sensing the 'baby is asleep miracle', LaRena and kiddos scooted out the door to go clean the church. I rushed to the back room to start decluttering and was making wonderful progress. I then proceeded to get very excited about getting the dinner started as well or possibly even washing the kitchen floor. That is when it happened. One of my dear children was heard screaming up the stairs (where the baby sleeps) "MOM!"....."MOM!". I bodily removed the child and hoped the baby would not wake up......he woke up. Ugh. This baby never gets to take a nap. I made the dear child come and hold the baby while I did a few more things.

Stefan's eczema is in the flare up mode again. I will have to give him a good long bath and slather him up. I wish I could figure out what makes him get irritated at certain times.

I realized something this morning. My oldest dd and I sometimes knock heads (that is not the deep thought) and I have been trying to figure it out. Well, I think this is part of it. I am a very relaxed person in reality (even though great big clutter messes make me nuts) and my dd pointed out to me that my sandle was not buckled all of the way. In her mind she was 'helping' me and in mine I try to figure out why people point these things out to other people. Of course I knew it was unbuckled and I did have a plan to buckle it when I sat down in the van. She is trying to be helpful but my impatient self sees it as she thinks I don't already know this and I need help. I just do things differently. She is VERY put together. She dresses perfectly and her hair is done perfectly etc. That is who she is. make a long story short I explained to her these differences and that when she tells me these things (often) to help me it comes off as sounding like some particular relatives who point out that there are toys in the return air vent. That stopped her in her tracks.....for today anyway.

Enough rambling.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Blogging again

Wow, I think this is two posts in one day. I was chatting with Sandy at church tonight and discussing the time old subject of kids not noticing details in life. I know I never used to see details either when I was a kid so in this chat I was trying to remember when I figured out details. I thought it was when I worked a summer job and was responsible for other kids but......that wasn't it! It was through playing music, especially in the symphony that I started paying attention to detail. I will have to be sure to mention that to Sandy. That was an aha moment (not sure that is how you spell aha). I am not sure music has that effect on everyone but it did on me. Perhaps it helps us to figure out how to focus on the details we need to or want to in life. Particular musicians I know aren't necessarily tuned into some details that may seem important to some people but they are tuned into the details that are most important to them. Interesting......

So.....perhaps my kids will remember things like turning out lights, reading directions, turning on the washing machine, hearing the dog barking to get in, etc. if they practice more! Here's hoping that is true.

Rain and art class

Today it is raining, raining, raining. Fortunately the kiddos were in art all day and playing in the gym/doing homework when they weren't in art. LaRena took Martin and Cecilia to help Martin with reading and Cecilia could 'sit in' while this was going on. I have been thinking Martin is getting bored with his reading curriculum and a change of scenes (and mommies) would do him good. We are so much nicer to other people's children.

Art class was good but found out the church secretaries where class meets are very hyper about noise and what they perceive as misbehavior. I plan to take all the short people home to my house the next time so they won't disturb anyone. THeir reaction disturbs me so it will be better for my psyche anyway to get them out of there. We don't want Gloria to lose her meeting place for art classes.

Back to working with Erik......

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

A good school day....again

We got quite a bit done today. I can see that Martin is making some progress. It seems that Martin may be bored with the Teach Your Children Well work right now so I am having him build words with letter tiles.

Stefan took a marvelous nap this morning and everyone was able to get their work done without a lot of interuption for the mom. We ate leftovers for dinner which was a relief as well. THe boys went to Scouts and I went on a walk with Cindy Berryman. I am working on decluttering again. THe little people clutter faster than I can declutter but I am making some progress.

Church was great last night. I don't know what else to say in this here blog. I don't think I am too good at blogging but will post every so often.

Spring has sprung and I could literally see the leaves coming out on the Japanese Tree Lilac in our back yard. Daffadils are everywhere and trilium is sprouting as well. I am sure the blood root is also up. I can see the Poppies and other perenials coming up. It will be hard to perservere in school.

Stefan is also on the move now. He rolls all over the place and is thinking about scooting. It is time get all the little toys out of the living room.

Hopefully tomorrow will go as well.