Saturday, March 31, 2007

My Life in Advertising

I think I made my dad's day by remembering he knew this family who invented Puffed Wheat. The author of "My Life in Advertising" helped Prof. Anderson become successful. Anna was reading the book and mentioned Puffed Wheat and I remembered how fascinated Dad was with visiting the home of the inventor. I think he had been to the factory as well. So sure enough there was a section about the inventor and I called dad to ask the fellow's name and it was one and the same. Interesting. Dad has written some short stories for the kids about what he remembers from childhood They have sort of a "Little House" feel to them. He said he would work on writing his memories of this family. I told him not to make the language too simple as he thought he needed to with the previous ones and he said he would give it a try. Dad has a remarkable memory.

Stefan is busy crawling around his crib and getting stuck in a corner. The boys, Zach and Nick are out chopping wood......WOOD! Matthew, Erik and CHarley sold Port-a-pit all day and are sort of pooped so I might send Charley out for a movie.

My mom tried to buy tickets for a Chicago Symphony Brass concert in December but they won't sell individual tickets until August 17th. How odd. A high school classmate/fellow horn player is a member of the CSO and there was supposed to be a time to go and greet the player so perhaps Dave Griffin and Karin will meet again after....a few years. That would be interesting.

Anna observed I carried my horn mouth piece around in my purse. She asked if that was in case we ran into any horns laying about? Ha-ha.

I stayed up WAY too late last night reminicsing with LaRena but had fun. We should find some chick flicks to watch next time.

Erik wants me to look up something on Ebay. Better run.

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