Tuesday, March 27, 2007

A good school day....again

We got quite a bit done today. I can see that Martin is making some progress. It seems that Martin may be bored with the Teach Your Children Well work right now so I am having him build words with letter tiles.

Stefan took a marvelous nap this morning and everyone was able to get their work done without a lot of interuption for the mom. We ate leftovers for dinner which was a relief as well. THe boys went to Scouts and I went on a walk with Cindy Berryman. I am working on decluttering again. THe little people clutter faster than I can declutter but I am making some progress.

Church was great last night. I don't know what else to say in this here blog. I don't think I am too good at blogging but will post every so often.

Spring has sprung and I could literally see the leaves coming out on the Japanese Tree Lilac in our back yard. Daffadils are everywhere and trilium is sprouting as well. I am sure the blood root is also up. I can see the Poppies and other perenials coming up. It will be hard to perservere in school.

Stefan is also on the move now. He rolls all over the place and is thinking about scooting. It is time get all the little toys out of the living room.

Hopefully tomorrow will go as well.

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