Wednesday, January 31, 2007

A good school day

I am trying to just do the next thing lately. The boys struggle with math so we are going over skills again and drilling, drilling, drilling. I am drilling Martin in reading as well and he finally passed his reading tests today. What a relief. Stefan is more agreeable every day. He likes to play and look at his mobile and he takes wonderful naps. Who could ask for more? Anna keeps plugging along as well. She has a bunch of sewing to get done for her booth at the convention so I am trying to free up some time for her to do that and not go completely crazy. She announced today that she would like to take Gloria's next art class. That will be four kids taking art and two taking gym and swim. Wow. Better save our pennies now to pay that bill.

It is cold and snowy. I love it. The only down fall is my eczema is going a little nutty but I think that is mainly from changing diapers.

Benjamin LOVES coloring and drawing. I was impressed by his scissor cutting skills but I do think he may run with scissors as well so that is not a good thing. Perhaps we will get the whole school thing down so well that I will actually find more time to spend with Benjamin. He wants me to finish his sweater for him and is rather peeved at me that I am frantically working on a sweater for Stefan. I wanted this baby sweater done for Stefan's three month picture. We shall see if I can pull it off.

Anna is making quiche for dinner tonight. Yum yum.

I better go check up on the rest of the kiddos. THey are supposed to be doing their barn chores so we can get to catechism on time for once. I think Erik has some of his memory work done for tonight. I have accepted the fact that neither Erik or Matthew are going to be confirmed this year from what I can tell. It is more important for them to spend more time with the pastor than for me to get Erik successfully confirmed by a specific date.

I love snow!!!!!


Susan said...

Isn't it great when you can take it slow, back off on the grand goals, and then find you actually accomplish something (!) because you're making slow and steady headway? We too have been picking away at our school-list (far too short a list for what I WANT to accomplish) but still making progress. It feels good.

Favorite Apron said...

Karin - I had no idea you had a blog. Must update! Must update!