Saturday, December 30, 2006

Christmas thoughts

We all had a very nice Christmas. Stefan is nearly two months old and is growing and getting more settled. Since I last wrote, which may be before he was born, my friends have been through various trials and are surviving them. My life seems to comfortable in comparison.

The kids exchanged gifts by drawing names this year and that worked very well. It was far less stressful for everyone. My favorite gift of the year was the Chagal stain glass from my mom. The strangest was from my mom as well.....a japanese like printed diaper bag. The diapers are nice of course but the bag pretty loud. Wow.

Charley is working on drywalling the basement which is great. He waited till his vacation was nearly over to start but once he gets going he gets on a roll. Erik is helping.

Cecilia and Benjamin's hobby is bouncing off the walls. Cecilia does enjoy the lap harp we got her and Martin. She plays it all the time. She is playing it now.

I hope to start school back up again next week. It will be a challenge as Stefan has an appointment Tuesday that will break up the day. We will try anyway.

I guess that is all for today.

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