Sunday, April 01, 2007

Visiting with friends

I think I am becoming addicted to visiting with friends. Does that mean I am co-dependant? We went over to the Hubbard's house today and Alisa and I sat around and talked about everything that has happened in the last few weeks. Her little Maureen is adorable. It is fun to have all these little babies around. They are getting bigger though.

At church the children processed with palms this morning. That was nice. The whole service was great as usual. Stefan cooperated through most of the service. He did not cooperate through Bible class. I did so want to hear Pastor's take on the fleece and the dew and if anyone mentioned how people still do this sort of thing. It sort of seems like testing God and I have never heard or read the story in the Old Testement to see what that was all about. I will have to ask sometime.

Charley and I went out to eat tonight to hash out some things. I am hoping that the structure of the summer will be predictable. That is the goal anyway. Charley has outpatient surgery on Tuesday so we talked our way through that as well. He is just nervous. I asked him what we can do to help him get over it (like go to friends homes and socialize while he stays home) and he wasn't really sure.

The TV is returning to the basement and I better get the squirts to bed so they can be perky enough for Matins in the morning.

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Favorite Apron said...

Getting together makes you wonder what life must have been like once upon a time when there was a real sense of community and women got together to share work and visit at the same time. We're so isolated now.