Monday, April 23, 2007

An allergy day

I took Benjamin to the doc today to get him set up with allergy meds. He coughed all night and so far all today. We went to Lake Michigan yesterday and whatever is there sent him into fits. He volunteered to take a nap just now. His friend Justinian is here to play also and he still volunteered to take a nap. That is tired.

I weighed Stefan at the doc's and he gained 4 oz last week. He sure is a project in learning the scientific method. There were too many variables going on last week. He does seem much better without dairy and the soy didn't seem to agree with him so I am going to stick to bananas and rice cereal for now. Perhaps when his little insides get used to eating solids he will do better with other things.

With Benjamin and Stefan both sleeping I better go run around like crazy and whip this place into shape.

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