Friday, April 13, 2007


Why does it take me half the morning or more to realize that I am just tired on Fridays? Stefan got up at 5:30 this morning and I debated if I should 'make' him go back to sleep or just get up. I think I should have made him.

I have been thinking about the 'duh' fact that when someone offends you or frustrates you, you just need to 'duh' forgive them. We get so fed up at times that we forget this little (BIG) part of our lives. Of course we need to forgive people who push our buttons and repent of our impatience etc. I think I struggle the most with this with my dear kiddos. It is just easier to be tired so I forget. It is easier to play the martyr and blame my impatience on them. THose immature kiddos. Don't they know that the dirty kitchen needs to be cleaned???? Sigh. With another situation it was SO great to be gently reminded to just forgive and the reminder did not even hurt. It was an encouragement to know that the giver of the reminder was not going to let me wallow in self pity or griping. God is incredibly gracious to place these people in my life to be an encouragement in the faith.

The sun is out and I NEED A WALK! Maybe the grass will need to be mown soon. I also wou ld love to have a big sock sorting party and clean out the mudroom/laundry room. Stefan wears four socks and they all seem to be missing. Ugh. Perservere for the morning with school and ATTACK in the afternoon.

Time for Stefan's spa bath!

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