Friday, April 20, 2007

2:00 am

Well, the battle with Stefan goes on. This time it is gas in the middle of the night. At least at the moment he is wrestling happily with a toy in his crib. Opps, spoke too soon. I think his mommy is getting as cranky as he is. I thought he was merrily on his way in the eating solids department but seemed way too fussy yesterday and not too interested in food. Now he just has gas. His skin looks pretty good but is still dependant on all his creams. It is too soon to tell if my giving up dairy will help.

Charley took the day off work yesterday and watched the kids and Regina's kids so that we mom's could go out for lunch free with his 'frequent flier mile' lunch cards from Brunos. It was LaRena, Sandy, Regina and I. It was nice and relaxing. Stefan had been napping so I actually went without him so didn't have to wrestle with the baby. Charley apparently is famous as the hostess sent her greetings and then also ran into a co-worker of his who recognized me from a picture in the Tribune years ago.

We sorted through storage containers in the afternoon. We found (not kidding) 12 sterilite containers labeled shoes and paired that down to 7 containers organized by type of shoe and girl/boy categories. We were able to sort out over a container of shoes that were doubles that had been given to us and never worn. Bless someone else so says the FlyLady! Tomorrow Anna wants to go through my old fabric stash. That will be a relief. Perhaps the ladies at Redeemer could use some of it for quilts.

It is a good thing I went to bed early......I guess I can go read some blogs.

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