Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Great day

Church was wonderful as always this morning. We then traded kids and took Nick and Maggie home to work on school with some of our kids. Anna and Maggie are working on "Brave New World" in their literature and it has sparked some very interesting conversations. At the same time I am reading Deitrich Bonheffer's (spelling?) Spiritual Care and loving it. Wow. That is one interesting and eye opening book. I am thinking about having the girls read one chapter of it to continue our discussion of the effects of psychology on the world and on the church. Bonheffer had some definate opinions on that and his arguments make a lot of sense to me.

This afternoon Tyler Benke came over with his daughter Emily to see the 'farm'. We just got some more chicks so that was a nice treat for her to see two day old chicks. Cecilia may be going over to the Benke's tomorrow to play with Emily but we need to check that out with the grandma first. The sun came out and it wasn't so depressing this morning. Tyler and I talked about the old topic of 'how to get rid of all the stuff we don't need!'. I am moving more towards becoming a 'better minimalist'. TOO MUCH STUFF TO TAKE CARE OF! "I better 'try harder' with that!" Smile.

Erik has standardized testing next week and I think I am the one who is nervous. It is not required but I am curious if there is any difference from last year.

Stefan enjoyed being outside this afternoon for awhile. I am hoping the sunshine and warmer weather will help his eczema. That sure would be nice for both of us. I think oatmeal is also on his horizon as I can't seem to keep up with him. He will probably love it.

Anna made another dress from my stash. She has come to the realization that my old stash in storage may feed her sewing addiction without spending more money. See, I saved all that stuff for some reason - cute dresses! Har har.

Off to diaper changing land.....

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