Saturday, April 07, 2007

Traveling white eggs

The white egg saga goes on. I stayed home with the youngest kids last night and everyone else went to church. Soon after everyone got home the phone rings and it is LaRena.....laughing. She knows all about the egg adventures and she called to let me know that when the boys got her eggs yesterday (she bought brown yummy eggs) that they had given her the bag with the frozen white eggs in it!!!!! Ahhhh!!!!!!! Her oldest ds had gone to make a few eggs after church only to discover strange broken white ones in a bag. How embaressing. Everything in life does seem to boil down to eggs or wood.... I wonder if we will ever successfully dye the good white eggs we picked up yesterday.


Anonymous said...

Hi Karin - we had a sick one here over the weekend too - Liddy. She missed all the services. We went Thursday at 7, Friday at 8 and Saturday at 9 - arrived home at 11:45 pm. With the 30 minutes drive each way, we were worn out and failed to attend on Sunday morning. A new and totally unheard of event for us! I thought you'd understand . . .


Karin said...

Hi Polly,

Yes I understand. I guess I should be ever so thankful our church is closer. I am sure Liddy was disappointed as well. Last night I had a big headache and we did not go to the Monday night DS and Anna looked lost. I hope Liddy is feeling better!