Thursday, April 12, 2007

1st week of Easter

THis morning pastor gave a little chuckle when he turned around and there sat the Horner's and the Rhein's. We laughed (a little laugh) too. What will we do without our daily services? After church we had piano lessons and everyone seemed to do a good job. THey have a recital of Sunday (which I just realized I forgot to tell my parents!!!!). Oh well, I guess I need to call them.

Anna did not sew a dress today. She and Maggie and I had another 'deep' discussion of 'Brave New World'. They seem motivated to keep up the speed in their reading.

Justinian did a funny thing today. He must have asked me if he could come to my house some day this morning and I said yes. Well.....he took that to mean today. So when I packed everyone up from their reading lessons at LaRena's I was pulling out of the driveway and there sat smiling Justinian. I have heard of forgetting a child but picking up extras? It was humorous.

Erik worked hard on school today and I think is anxious is use his draw knife soon. The weather has been THE PITS so I guess I forget he wants to be done with school so he can go off and do whatever he plans to do with that knife. I need to remember that tomorrow. I am sure that is why he has been less than enthused to be enlisted to do 'chores' around the house. I better find time to fill his draw knife fix.

I found a collection of Norman Nagel's sermons in the church library today. I read a few and I think I am hooked. He does have a gift with words. I am also still reading the "Spiritual Care" book.

Matthew is busy working on his art project and listening to "THe Voyage of the Dawn Treader". I am hoping the art students can get their homework done early this week.

I guess there is nothing else too exciting. Stefan should have gotten a second bath but zonked for the night before I could get to it.

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