Friday, April 27, 2007


I think I need a break from whining. Why is it kids can be asked to do something then they just have to whine. Ugh. The legalist would tell me that I just haven't disciplined them well enough or they wouldn't do that. I know it is hard for these kids and some adults I know to realize that it is difficult for me to filter all the demands placed upon me. I can cheerfully accept that duh that is my job but......sometimes it would be nice to hear "Karin, how are you today? Is there anything I can do for you?". So this is my martyr rant this morning I guess. Perhaps I will try reverse pyschology.

Stefan is supposed to have an antibiotic but I can't get it in his cute face.....blurp, blurp.....

This post is nice and negative. I don't think anyone reads this anyway so it is a venting area.

Sit and Knit closed so I would go there to escape but I guess they were too nice and they didn't make any money and went out of business.

Charley and Erik are going camping with the Scouts this weekend. I want to tackle the storage area and get rid of stuff. Too bad they can't leave earlier - ha ha.

Off to 'try harder' to be cheerful.


Susan said...

>> I don't think anyone reads this anyway <<

Did you just call me a nobody?

Karin said...

Uh uh uh.....just being negative I think......