Thursday, April 19, 2007

eczema adventures

I must admit I am sick of dealing with eczema but of course persevere. Stefan has good days and bad days and some days that are both good and bad. Skin is strange really. I never knew how odd skin could be. In the morning his skin can look just horrid and by the afternoon with his regimin he can look SOO much better. I was next to tears this morning as I thought things were on the upswing the last few days and he looked so bad this morning that I think my emotions caught up with me.

My deep thought of the week with Stefan was inspired by the funeral sermon last week at Emmaus. It IS comforting to know that despite how hard I work at helping Stefan that Christ cares so much more for him. Wow. That is humbling. It is also hard to remember as I jump from one aspect of his care to another, not to mention the rest of the kids. THey seem to be weathering the storm though and Charley has helped when asked or reminded that help would relieve stress.

I have given up dairy and wheat. Stefan has started some solids as well. He seems to enjoy his bananas. Another monkey boy. I am finding it an adventure to make foods that fill me up and taste good. I am open to suggestions.

I think it is time to post and go read more of my book - "Katherine" about Katherine Swynford. I read it in high school and we only read half of it so I thought it was high to time to finish it.

Stefan is in bed already too so that is another reason to go to bed!

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