Saturday, April 28, 2007

Dustin Farnum

The little guy who I used to babysit died last week. I went to his visitation yesterday. He was 29, married with two little girls - not so little any more. The lines were huge and the disbelief on their faces. I was glad my brother came with as it sort of lightened things up for me. Dustin's mom seemed to choose her words carefully and avoid any conversation that would send her in a tail spin. I can't blame her. I wanted to tell her my fond memories of him as a little boy but I didn't. I told her I loved her and was praying for her. There was no mention of Dustin having faith so that was a little odd to me as I don't think I have ever attended a non-faith visitation before. I feel for his wife and kids and will keep them in prayer. He died of Sepsis and went very fast so I don't think he had time for any contemplation. It does not seem real to me but I know it is. The memorial service is today and I chose to avoid it. It would just remind me of what wasn't talked about. I will ask my mom later what was talked about at the service. I will keep sharing my faith with my kids and I think I will be more likely to talk about it more with others. THere are no promises.

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