Tuesday, April 03, 2007

My baby book

My mom brought us dinner and also gave me my baby book. That was interesting. Apparently I didn't think well of myself and didn't turn assignments in on time. Interesting.......
I also wasn't very coordinated.

The other thing I discovered was that my whole life I thought I was baptized by my dad (he's a pastor) and then come to find out I was baptized in Portland, ME by my grandparent's pastor. Wow. I wonder why no one ever told me. I guess it makes some sense that it was in Portland as my Godparents were from Springfield, MA and we lived in South Carolina so this must have been a Christmas event or something. That way my grandparents could be there as well. At least I didn't discover I was adopted or something or that I had never been baptized! I find this all quite a revelation and makes me wonder how much I forget to tell my kids.

Dh is doing well. He is going to attempt to go to sleep and so am I.

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