Friday, April 06, 2007

White eggs

Matthew, Stefan and I went to the grocery this afternoon to replace the white eggs that I bought the other day. The first batch, an anonaymous person had placed in the freezer. The slightly humorous part of that was that dh was having an anxiety attack (exageration) that I had bought white eggs to begin with seeing as the hens have been laying more eggs than we can handle. I told him to think of the white eggs as a craft project and not to sweat it. So.....while I was searching for the ice cream that I promised some friends, I discovered a mysterious bag in the freezer and upon looking inside found three dozen white eggs frozen and exploded. Ugh. to the store we went to get more eggs for our craft project otherwise known as dying Easter eggs. They were on sale at Meijers for 66 cents a dozen. Well everyone had gone to Meijers for eggs and the carts were coming from both sides of the not very big isles. So.....I said "Hey Matthew. Scoot up to the front of the line and help those ladies get their eggs! Be sure to check for cracked ones and perhaps this line will clear out." Matthew always gets a charge out of surprising people so off he went and asked each lady how many dozen they wanted and he whipped through those eggs getting what they needed. The shoppers were all smiles and the line cleared out. Phew. Matthew then asked if he could get a job helping people. His dad has trained the little entrapranuers (spelling?) well. I am sure he could get a job shopping for people.

Matthew also took driving lessons at the store. He manned the cart while I carried the screaming Stefan (yet another reason we needed the line to go down). He forgot to 'look in the rear view mirror' before backing up once and I prevented a near collision with a quick warning. I love shopping with my kids. It is so educational.

One time there was a man with his elderly father in the vege section who totally lost his temper. My kiddos heard words they didn't know existed and silence descended all around. THis episode started a conversation about what the man and his father's life must be like and how they probably struggle with this approach to life all the time. Even though it was shocking it made me sad for both of them. THe kids did learn something that day also.

I better go throw the clothes in the drier. Charley and the kids went to Good Friday services while I put a sick child to bed. I have Luther's Catechism lulling them to sleep on that great hymn/catechism recording. I think I need to play that every night and maybe they can learn it gently and easily.

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