Monday, July 03, 2006

July 2, 2006

Since the last post we spent Friday evening delivering bees to a local vege farmer. We had trouble finding it so we didn't get home till 12:30am. Ugh. I was tired the next day. I haven't checked to see if the bees were happy.

Saturday I weeded and mowed the lawn. Charley and the boys went to build a deck for a co-worker. THe boys got to go swimming afterward in the neighborhood pool and the wife of the family wanted to adopt Martin for his cuteness.

Sunday we had my parents, brother and his wife for a picnic. My mom brought most of the food so it was pretty simple. I resisted the urge to weed so I wouldn't be exhausted the next day. Charley and I went to get a new bread machine afterwards. I am having some trouble with it so we will see if we keep it.

Today is Monday and the kids and I cleaned the basement this morning. I can not believe how much we got done! It was incredible. THe little kids are now tired and whiny so will have to go drum up something for them to do.


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