Tuesday, September 19, 2006


It has been since July since I have posted anything. The last few days have been great. My dh has finally realized he needs to help the kids with their upper level math and being accountable to getting their schoolwork done. This is fantastic. I don't feel so exhausted and overwhelmed and it is a relief. I also quit my Sunday School responsibilities last night which also brings a lot of relief from trying to make everything 'right' for everyone.

Since July, we have experienced 100 degree fairweek, dh trimmed out two rooms of the old farm house, Anna painted the stairs and we ripped the wall paper off. Anna also painted the front porch which was long overdue. I painted the back room and Charley sanded and finished the dining room floor. Phew, that isn't even everything that occurred in August.

In September we started school and so far so good, we may be a little behind but things are moving along. The baby keeps me up at night but not as much the last few days which is a relief as I was getting very sleep deprived. I discovered a knitting store which I love where I can go to retreat and spend time quietly with other knitters on the weekend.

We shall see how long it is untill I post again.......7 weeks untill baby.

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