Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Anna packing

Just to keep everyone up to date on this depressing subject. Ok, it is not entirely depressing and I am happy for her. I must have done a few things right as she has taken it upon herself to clean out most of her 'stuff' that is her girl stuff so that Ingrid will have a room to share with her sister Cecilia soon. She does all this of her own fruition and it was nothing I even suggested. The conversation with most friends is even trying to remember this process from when we went 'away' to college. I put that in quotes seeing as I could have walked home from college if I had wanted to. I kept that under my hat as much as possible and mainly joked with my roommate about the long drive home. There have been many humorous conversations about this topic from people whose mommies did the whole packing thing complete with stacks of new underwear and socks to 'I didn't want my mom to come near my stuff' packing scenario. I do not think Anna falls into that category but she is definitely mature enough to handle this. I do occasionally mention for her to mention to me if she would like new tennis shoes with better arch support or does she want particular soap etc. Her response to the shoes question (this morning at a little past twelve) was "No mom. I do not want to wear clunky tennis shoes with my dresses" and "I saw plenty of clunky shoes at HT and I am not interested." Ok, daughter dear.

I need to get a few containers for her to label and put in the 'nightmare' storage building. My stomach gets occasionally tied in knots through this process and I will try not to make everyone nuts dwelling on that but......I can't help it. We are partying up the last few weeks here. Yesterday she was craving corn pops which her grandma donated on occasion after sleepovers so I picked some up for her along with a bottle of Dr. Pepper which she also mentioned. I don't want to be accused of never getting her anything fun.

The 'guest room' is done and I will continue to look for ways to make that room comfy and inviting. Anna will be our 'guest' come holidays and breaks. That is such an odd and scary thought. I better go chug some more coffee and perhaps hill up some corn or something to calm myself. It's will be ok......I am still excited for her.


Susan said...

Apart from the sympathy as you're dreading letting go of Anna, may I ask a stupid gardening question? You said "hill up some corn." Should I pile dirt around the base of my corn? Is it optional? Is it just so that it stands up better? I do not know what I'm doing in the garden. I kept hilling up my potatoes until it got the point where I didn't feel like I could keep dragging more dirt onto the piles, but know I don't know what to do with these potato plants.

So, Anna doesn't need tennies? Not planning to run or go for exercise walks? Paul's roommate got him to start jogging last spring. Paul and I were talking this week about my needing new tennies, and how they only last about 4-6 months if you're running a couple of miles a day, and he didn't know that it was important to replace your jogging shoes to keep your cushioning and your support. Whew, I'm glad that came up. All those "gaps" we leave our kids with ...

And as long as I'm changing the subject so drastically ... LOL ... how's your biking coming? I think, after my visit to the D.O. this week, I may be able to get back on my bike again in a few weeks. It's been since March, and I was so jealous of your progress, and was wishing I could be doing that "with you" way over here. But maybe now I can.

Karin said...

I hill up the corn for several reasons. First to bury the weeds in and around the corn and second to give it more support which helps when there are strong winds. Of course no ammount of dirt will guard against a really strong wind but it does seem to help in the average rain storm.

I should talk to Anna about the biking/running question. She has some hip displatia issues and general feet problems which may force her into wearing clunky shoes eventually. Her mom just thinks sooner would be better than later. I am not sure I can see her jogging but walking and biking are more her thing.

I have not been biking enough the last month and am hoping to get back into a groove. I would love to haul my bike up for a visit but am not sure when to squeeze that in. :o) I am closing in on 25 pounds and would be happy and satisfied with another five. I have been accused of wasting away but I KNOW how much I weigh and I am hardly wasting away. I want to chuck more wood to work on my upper body strength more as that is now my biggest issue. I have TERRIBLE posture. Ugh. How to mentally remember that from one thing to the next is the biggest problem. I LOVE to bike and hope that we can take a family trip in the next week or so to this bike tour in Michigan which goes between a few wineries. Need to talk to the hubby some more about that. Hope you can get some serious biking in before the snow flies!!!!

Moria said...

Clunky shoes. Hehe. Love it.