Saturday, September 19, 2009

Am I irrational?

I don't think my last post was irrational and no one has said that seeing as it has only been there a few hours. But........I was certainly having a moment last night and I have no doubt other 'moments' will come. I don't think it is OK either to never say anything about this topic especially from the mom's perspective. I know plenty of mom's of many and I have no doubt this topic has rumbled through their minds especially those who are of similar age and older. I have not 'given up hope' but am a little more on the humble side now and not the assuming side.

There's no time to belabor this one so for those who have no love of such musings, there are some feelings that run deep and I would rather talk about THOSE things then just wander around bottling that up. For the record I am in in good mood and ready to go on to the next thing and do what God has given me to do now. It will all be good. Perhaps now I will not inwardly groan when the Bible talks about these older women having babies thinking I will be having babies till I am 50 and over. Ha! The joke WILL be on me if that were so. I do think I would love to talk to other moms who are in the midst and beyond this step. I talked pretty frequently with a mom at the pool this summer who had ten kids and the youngest was three. She was 41 I believe and there had not been any further babies. Interesting. It is all very interesting.


Kaci Lusk said...

Hi Karin, I found your blog this morning by accident. I am loving reading and enjoying the candor with which you write. I am the mother of two beautiful children and step-mother of three more.

Two years ago, as I was begrudging my ex-husband for making a decision about my body without me and allowing the doctor to tie my tubes while I was in surgery with my daughter, and weeping over the fact that I cannot have children by my new husband, a wonderful, God-fearing man; we found out that my stepson and his wife were expecting. My granddaughter is now nearly two and her brother is due in a few short months. Being a grandmother adds a whole new definition to love!

So, while your time to carry new life in your body may be drawing near, please remember that the time to carry new life in your arms is not near over. As your children get older God gifts us with many more rewards. Grandchildren.

Be blessed. Don't stress. Know that God knows your nurturing nature, He created it. He, also, will feed it.

Karin said...

Thank you Kaci for your encouragement. I guess I look at all mothers in a new light now-a-days, young and old. We shall see what the future brings but I know that I am 'trying' to keep my brain focused on this is probably it. Perhaps a little premature to fret does appear that way.

Yes, I look forward to grandkids but that is at least a few years off. Eldest just starting college....