Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Starting the new school year

Well, we are stumbling along but getting something done. I am very excited to implement the Literary Analysis program that I did a few years back with Anna. No offense to Anna but I would like to push these kids a little more to do a lot more with it. I see the reason behind the authors madness to write, write, write, in different forms and emphasis and perhaps I will even do it with them to get my brain working a little better as well. The program reminds me of the "This is Your Brain on Music" book in that he has them writing regularly and I have impressed on the kids that the more they write the easier it will be. I am excited for them.

There is the usual mayhem of the little people vying for my attention which can be a little heart breaking at times as there is only one of me. I am trying to get the kids so they can work a little more independently and not need so much explanation from me. Perhaps I will have more time for the little people then. Sigh. The older kids really should not need me to hold their hands too awfully much now so here's hoping this will work.

I am also slowly catching up on stinky laundry, camping mess and not be tempted to work only on that in light of school days tripping by. Yes, it is only day two but it seems like I can not waste a day. If my beginning is sloppy so goes the rest of the year. I am happy to be co-oping with another family again but do not want my days at home to just be recovery days from coop days.

I have also noticed that my blood pressure went WAY down over vacation. Interesting. I suppose if my life only comprised of taking little boys to the bathroom on their little tractors, donning their helmets for every trip down the road to the potty, then my blood pressure would stay down. I spent a couple hours one evening just cleaning up owies and bandaging them. (that was sort of yucky really). "Now kids, you really must keep these owies clean or they will get infected. Mommy does not always have time to chase after your wounds......" So goes that evening. Now I am home, chasing after appointments and bills and trying not to spend too much money on food and running around. "Where are Ingrid's winter clothes?" I ask frustrated by another thing to find. She grew and it feels like fall outside and, and, and.......calm down Karin dear.

Well, off to help Matthew in another gourmet meal from the galloping gourmet Matthew. Thank the Lord for help in the kitchen.


Susan said...

I always struggle with that whole thing of trying to help the kids more so that they can learn to be more independent. I want them to be more independent. They can't do it on their own. I have to help. But in helping them, it seems as if I'm teaching them to depend upon me to help them through, which seems counterproductive. And yet, what else can I do? Maybe I'd feel less confused about it if a certain girl here actually became a little more independent instead of becoming MORE dependent on me every time I try to help her garner skills toward independence. [sigh]

I feel for ya, Karin. It's hard, and there's always so much that we need to do. Keep plugging away.

Karin said...

I know you understand Susan. It is an encouragement to me to see your grown kids doing well in the world etc. Frankly it is y'all with the older kids who keep me going.

If it is any encouragement to you, my 'challenging' child is spreading his wings far more nowadays and I am praying he keeps striving to do what he needs to do this year.

Keep plugging away Susan. :o)

Susan said...

It's a deal. :-)

(Maybe we should hit up the hardware store. I hear they carry a variety of plugs...)