Monday, December 01, 2008

There were ten in the family and the little one said

"Roll over, roll over". Little Miss Ingrid rolls over, gets stuck on her arm and cries for us to rescue her. It amazes me this natural inclination of babies to roll over. The once compliant baby on the changing table, soon is grabbing everything in sight and eating it. Soon she will be crawling away from me. The little window of time where she is content to just be taken care of, fed and changed, is already slipping away. I knew this time would come soon even when it felt like forever away and perhaps I might have complained of not being to do much without holding her. Stop complaining. Her smiles are charming. She can't crawl yet and loves nothing more than to have me stand her up on my lap and make goggly eyes at her and she smiles and giggles back. Big slobbery kisses on the cheek to my littlest girl.

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MooreMama said...

My sweet 12 week old is rolling over. Sort of. She, too, rolls and gets stuck on her left "wing" about half the time. Which ticks her off. Which means that I have to decide whether to help her or wait for her to figure it out herself.... A question that I figure I'll ask myself once or twice more during her life. :)

I saw a few posts back (?) where you were wondering if, with the chickens gone, you should change your name. My mom has always referred to her kids as her chickens, and, in my head, when I hear someone talking about their chickens, I always have to remind myself that some people mean the feathered variety. :)