Saturday, November 29, 2008

7 Random things

Another post? Why not? My house is clean, most of the children are in bed and my husband is asleep on the couch......again. No he is not in time out, he just tends to nod off about this time in the evening.......

1. I was sent to the Principal's office in kindergarten. I lied to my parents about how I got my feet muddy which resulted in their calling the principal. You see I told them that my brother pushed me into the mud when I was coming home from school and so that is why my Winnie the Pooh boots were muddy and I tracked mud all over the carpeting. I did not take into consideration that I had a half day of school and he had a full day. Oops. My parents called the Principal to inquire why Steve was out wandering around when he was supposed to be in school. So, I was called out of class by the principal and.......I had to confess. Ornery young.

2. I used to run ten miles a day. This was in my junior high, high school days. I would come home from school and take off on quite the route. I was like the mail man and it didn't matter what the weather was like, off I went. I was an addict. My other addiction of practicing the french horn I think tempered this addiction in the long hall.

3. I played the french horn A LOT in high school, college days. I have the most awesome horn on the planet and it plays like a dream. It is a pre-WWII Kruspe - sigh, and is very compliant. I will try not to run upstairs and wake up Charley practicing. If I were not the mother of eight I would pursue playing professionally but.......I won't. Maybe when the youngest is five, I will take it up more seriously again. Oh, I almost forgot. The Kruspe horn was designed by a man named Anton Horner. I am not kidding........

4. My swim teacher at the Valparaiso YMCA was Al Capone's granddaughter. All I remember is that I learned to swim and I was fascinated by her gigantic form in her black swim suit. I was of the tiny, skinny variety and I think I paid more attention to what she looked like than how to swim. I did eventually learn though and she was nothing like her grandfather :o)

5. I called my horn teacher in 1985 to inform her that I was marrying a Horner. She was amused and happy for me. She was the best horn teacher on the planet too. :o)

6. I was a HUGE Paul Simon nut growing up and finally saw him in concert in April of 1991 at his "Born at the Right Time" tour. I was eight months pregnant with a certain Anna and was PLAGUED with false labor. Dad and I went and it was fantastic. I bought a "Born at the Right Time" shirt large enough for me and our upcoming bambino and amused the doctors. The one was at the concert and asked what I would have done if I went into more serious labor. I told him I would have asked if there was a doctor in the house.

7. In high school I worked at a YMCA camp and spent several weekends jumping off of cliffs at a state park. I never dared to dive off of them but have a distinct memory of a fellow camp counselor doing this. I lack the grace and style to do that and figured I was more likely to land where I was supposed to if I jumped. I also did this in the Quetico Provincial Park (spelling?). I might have dared to dive there but I can't remember (maybe I hit my head). I don't think I have ever told my parents any of this and am still amazed to this day of the things they let me do. Of course they didn't 'let' me do this as I didn't ask. I also carried a canoe on my back for a mile on a long portage there.......I guess that is fact number 7 1/2.

There you have it. It was a little hard to think of these things but hope you learned something new and that you didn't yawn too much, right Karen?

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OFHP said...

Yes I did learn some amazing things

You have a little bit of a wild side too ........ can't wait to learn more.

I wasn't bored either -- spent too much time taking notes for future
use :-)