Monday, November 24, 2008


I like mornings but then I don't. If I wake up before everyone else then I have about an hour without any noise. My kids have a lovely habit of sleeping until someone wakes them up. Stefan doesn't always but most of the time he does. So there I sit or run around with my cup of coffee either having a quiet moment or getting stuff done without interference and I have to decide whether to wake them up. It is the hardest decision of the day. If I don't wake them up then we will be dreadfully behind but......I will have this great hour or so alone without having to send them on vacation without me. If I don't wake them up, then we won't get all the morning chores done and we'll have to start school etc and be behind in general.

If I wake them up, I might not keep my patience with selective blindness in decluttering rooms and clearing tables. The kids might fight or ignore their responsibilities until their mom reminds them. I don't like being their brains and shouldn't be their brains but sometimes it just happens that way. I DO get tired of this.

I figure that when whoever is the youngest turns five, this decision may not be so difficult as five plus year olds are pretty easy in comparison with babies and toddlers etc. I probably won't care if they sleep till eight as I will be more able to help see that evening chores are done completely etc. Evenings are nicer in general for me as it is a lot calmer and easier to deal with getting kids to bed then dealing with them all scrambling for breakfast and ignoring everything else that needs to be done.

I am whining. I will get over it. It is nighttime and I still need to run out and get the Scouts back but going to sleep is in sight. Hopefully Ingrid sleeps better tonight. Decisions, decisions.

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Kim said...

I always vote for not waking them up. I'd rather be a little behind and have some time to myself. Of course with only 2 older kids it really isn't much of an issue anymore since I'm rarely pressed for time.