Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Cleaning and tarnish

Sorry about that last post. I felt I needed to tarnish my image a little bit as this mom of eight is not quite the wonder person that some people might think........he does think it is funny though.....excuses, excuses.

We are doing the cleaning that does not get done from week to week. Week to week cleaning includes trying to keep up with the laundry, dishes, floor washing (yes, this does happen perhaps twice a week) and keeping the clutter monster at bay. I think the clutter monster would go away if we got rid of all of their toys. Pieces, pieces everywhere. I am good at creating clutter as well with books and papers landing in random places.

I need to cook a little too as Thanksgiving is here this year. I went to the farmer's market a little bit ago and they were giving away tomatoes! I was a taker of course and tomato sandwiches are on the menu today, salad tomorrow. I think I need to tackle bread this afternoon and attempt not to trash the kitchen. The kids are all helping which is of course wonderful. We need to put together some of our dreamy 'root soup' too. I think that will be the pre-meal, ward off the grumpy wumpies tomorrow. I just like it. Perhaps I will find time to post it.


Susan said...

If if makes you feel any better ;-)

when I mentioned you in a comment recently, I wasn't thinking you and LaRena as WonderWomen (although I see now that that was alluded to on another blog quite recently). I was just pointing out that it's easier to recognize that YOU can't "do it all" than that I can't do it all. It's like, well, duh!, Karin couldn't possibly accomplish everything and why should she struggle with the fact that she can't. Well, probably because I'm not the person who lives in your head. There are probably other people who would say the same thing about my -- that of course I can't accomplish everything on my plate, so why bother beating myself up over failing to accomplish everything.

So, dear Karin, I know you are real and not some SuperMommy, and now I even know that you threaten your husband with a hockey stick, and that doesn't tarnish your reputation one bit... because your reputation was real (and not sterling) before.

Psssst, Anna: tell your little sibs to get their mommy a hockey stick for Christmas.

Karin said...

All in good fun Susan. LaRena and I were busting a gut last night at the thought of ANYONE putting our faces on trading cards. Ack! We are dreadfully real but take time to laugh about it. Thanks for the commiscerating :o)