Saturday, November 29, 2008

Cleaning frenzy

If I take Ingrid on a ride in her pink fuzzy snow suit every day around noon, then my house will look fantastically wonderful! She takes such nice naps after our little outings that yesterday I found my bedroom and today I dejunked much of the basement. Phew. My co-op moms will hopefully be able to notice the difference and perhaps Martin will sneeze less. I found quite a bit of stuff that I had been looking for in both locations. I even found a return that I had totally forgotten about. Ingrid just sat in her seat and snoozed during both events and it didn't even matter how much noise went on around her, she slept and I banged around throwing stuff away and putting other stuff away.

Yesterday, while cleaning my room, the rest of the kids played outside for literally hours. I didn't call them in and they didn't ask if they could come in either so......I left them out there.

Right now, I am going upstairs to enjoy a strange snack. At the farmer's market, a vendor was celebrating two years of business there and was giving each customer a pizza dough. So we dug around in the fridge for toppings and came up with mozarella cheese and pepperoni. Yum. Martin just announced it was done so.....later!

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