Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Chicken chores

So now that there are no chicken chores, the boys are remembering every evening to try to get one of their siblings to shut in the chickens. Aaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!! This was a chore that was rarely remembered but NOW we remember it. It is odd to be able to just wisk food scraps into the garbage and not have anyone storing them on the counter for the chickens and forgetting them till they rot. I do honestly miss seeing them in the yard. Our outdoor pictures just won't be the same and we won't need to be quite so persnickety about people checking their shoes at the door. Phew. Chickens do take up a lot of my brain cells so I guess I might replace those thoughts with thoughts of......weeding or.......getting the counter cleaned off more often.

We have had a few odd days or rather weeks of only one day a week of co-op. I am not exactly as organized as I was when we had two days a week. There has been one interruption after another due mainly to sickness. Wow. Are we done for this month? Here's hoping.

My camera is off to the camera repair shop on warranty. How can I do without a camera with a two month old around? I guess I will pick up a few disposable cameras or something. If I knew the big three or at least two were going to somehow recover, then I might go get a cheap digital but things might not go that way. Hmmmm........decisions, decisions.

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