Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Hockey stick....Run over

My husband and I have a joke about this hockey stick that has been kicking around our yard. If he is in one of his hyper moods or hyper focused moods and fails to show up in a timely fashion for dinner.......I get the hockey stick. Did you know I am a husband beater? So I make an appearance in the barn or wherever he is with the hockey stick in hand. It's always a sudden appearance with little warning. He thinks this is hilarious and it keeps me in better humor as at least he laughs when he is in this sort of trouble. The hockey stick was always successful in getting him moving in the right direction. The kids would even suggest it if he was not showing up. "Get the hockey stick Mom!" Well......someone left it in the driveway and....sniff, sniff.....I accidentally ran it over. What am I going to do????? No more hockey stick. It was a cheap plastic thing but it did the trick. It has been in use for several years now. Sob. How will I get him to the table when late? He might go hungry now. Isn't this sad? I was seriously quite disappointed. He doesn't know about this yet. Maybe he WILL go hungry.

Pitch fork?????? Hmmmm........

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