Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Rubber pants

I forgot about my rubber pants hunt. I bought some of those lovely things a few years ago from Babys R Us so I went back there. FIrst off I can't believe there is a store that large just for baby supplies but at least they still carry rubber pants. I asked the sales lady if they still carried them and she looked stumped. "Rubber pants.....uh.....what are those?" "You use them with cloth diapers" I patiently reply. "Oh, oh, I think I know what you want" and she took me to the disposable diaper section and showed me a package of disposable something. "Uh, no........you use them.....with.....cloth diapers......" She said something about carrying washable training pants for a 24 month old and all this time I am holding 3 month old Ingrid. I followed her and I was beginning to think I would have to order them online but, lo and behold there were rubber pants next to the training pants. They are the good old fashioned Gerber rubber pants, no frills and they work. I have never seen my kids sweat in their rubber pants so I am not sure why breathability is such an issue. They are cheap, they work and eureka, they still sell them. The store lady had never heard of such a thing before. The only hope of their still existing will be the same way I learned about them......my mother. I will have to pass this lovely skill along to my babies when there are grandbabies on the way. Cloth diapers are not hard and as many diapers as this little person creates, they MUST be cheaper. I do love the new system. I would tell you about 'the new system' but.....I need to go be responsible. Ahem......4:00 a.m. bonding events with my five year old do not motivate me to get moving. It was an experience just like Anne of Green Gables and the croup scene. He was crouping away, cough, cough, cough and finally threw up (thanks for sharing :o) ) and the coughing stopped. Phew. After talking him into going back to bed, we went and got a few more hours of sleep. Responsibility......vocation is a bad word this morning.


Rev. Robert Franck said...

I think they are actually vinyl. But "vinyl pants" doesn't quite roll off the tongue like "rubber pants," does it? That's what we call them, too, by the way. And I'm not sure where Gayle got our latest supply. Wal-mart? I'm glad you found a source.

Mossback Meadow said...

The one drug store that sold rubber pants and diaper pins has gone out of business this year. : (

Have you discovered the nylon taffeta pants? They are even BETTER than rubber pants - they never get stiff or tear, and are about as cheap. I get them at the Mennonite store out in the country. Will send you some if you like.... you won't go back to rubber.

Elephantschild said...

What Polly said! I had a few Bummis WhisperPants for my Sparkle.

They're fabulous and they don't get cracked and brittle like the rubber pants did.

Karin said...

You are reminding me of a time I did find the pants you describe at an Amish store in Pennsylvania. I agree, they are superior. I should check in Shipshewana next time I go. Thanks for the reminder!