Saturday, November 29, 2008

Why I hate shopping season

Is it the season of giving or getting? Are these people shoving thru to be sure they get the best deals for their loved ones????? I took Ingrid with me this morning to the farmer's market and struggled past literally herds of people who did not even flinch while I obviously stood there holding her up in her car seat waiting to be able to move forward. One lady though could get a job as the baby's advocate. This very tall man shoved past me and she said loudly "Hey! Don't you see this lady is carrying a little baby?" He ignored her and kept plowing and then she apologized to me. I just smiled and said thanks. Fortunately I knew exactly what I needed and didn't have to stay long.

I try hard to get as much 'shopping' done before Thanksgiving. The news this morning about the shoppers in New York was one of the most disgusting things I have ever heard. Sigh. When a man's life is secondary to bagging the deal, this is just sadder than sad. So.....I will stay away and have someone watch Ingrid at home if I need to go buy eggs at the market and I have noticed even the supermarket is not much better. I see people give me looks of disgust while I slowly go through the store with Ingrid in tow because I am slowing them up. I love staying sheltered in my little abode.

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