Monday, November 03, 2008

Five down, five to go?

I haven't checked with everyone but it seems that five out of ten have been afflicted by the stomach flu plague. If we count Cecilia not eating for two days a week ago than we are perhaps up to six. I am daring to eat something today. When a family of our size is potentially exposed to such a plague they shudder in anticipation of what might be to come. At least I do as I am the clean-up brigade. It is a good thing I was the first one to go as now I am freed up to tackle what is to come. Isn't this a pleasant post?

I suppose I should go check out the ones who have not appeared yet. I might even dare to eat some chicken noodle soup. My smallest children have discovered the joys of jello. Charley was lamenting that Stefan learned how to say jello but yet doesn't seem to ever say daddy.......sad dad.

1 comment:

OFHP said...

We all missed you yesterday

Pray that all of you get rid of this bug and are back to your old
selfs soon!!!!