Saturday, November 22, 2008


I learned this morning that I will be flying solo this week - Monday thru Wednesday - as the dh is traveling. He forgot to tell me. Opps. Flying solo has some benefits as I think I switch into laid back mode and probably get more reading done, but with Thanksgiving on Thursday, I will probably take advantage of my kids not working on dad things, by doing some deep cleaning and more interesting cooking for Thursday. There is still school to attend to but at least Tuesday we can focus on some of this stuff.

I also tend to stay up too late while dh is away. Although if we work too hard during the day, I might fall asleep at 9:00 instead. We shall see.

I went to Valpo today for dad's bday and had a nice time. Ingrid charmed her grandparents. She cooperated at lunch and slept thru it. She seems to love her snowsuit and it's warm and snuggliness keeps her nicely sleeping. Cecilia wrote my dad a birthday letter and it said "Dear Grandpa Nancy". I think she distinguishes the grandparents via the grandma's names. I thought that was pretty cute. She asked him to write her back. I am sure it was his favorite card.

It is freezing down here in the basement so I will sign off and return to Hawaii - the land of the woodstove.

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