Saturday, November 01, 2008

Something unusual happened yay!

I (as usual) forgot that Stefan was bumping around the house aimlessly. Ingrid was asleep (wonderfully long nap) and I was frenetically cleaning the kitchen. Charley did say something about keeping Stefan out of the new room as he had been painting the windows.......and......I forgot. Just like the kids, I forgot. Shocking isn't it? He kissed the window....twice. We are now contemplating if we should leave his lip marks on the sill.

By the comments to the husband about everything else he needs to do around here........he might literally self-cum bust.


OFHP said...

He is such a cutie !!!!!!!!!!!

I just love to see that cute little grin of his

The Celebrated Author said...

Meant to comment before, but forgot. Then I saw it again and the same thought struck me -- He looks like Benjamin.

Karin said...

You know those Horners....they all look alike! ;o)

The Celebrated Author said...

Well, only at the beginning. But I would think I've known you long enough! Anyway, Benjamin doesn't look like that any more. I just still think of him as a toddler.

Karin said... is true that you were his first love. He would cry and scream if we went to your house without seeing you. Who could forget that????