Sunday, November 09, 2008


The rest of the chickens left just a few minutes ago. Does that mean I should change the name of my blog? We probably will get some more chickens in the spring but we also may enjoy our freedom so much that we don't . What will Charley and I do now that we don't have to ask the infamous question, "Did you lock in the chickens, boys?" What will the boys do knowing they can stay in their beds and not have to go out in the dark when they have forgotten. I think the mom will vote for no chickens. Free range chickens are sort of messy in an all around way. They leave deposits everywhere, dig up my flowers, and create a huge mess in the coop.

I would still like broiler chickens and if we get layer, only have enough for us.

The only other excitement around here was the 40 pound coon that landed in Matthews trap. Chip discovered it and managed to get in a tussle but doesn't seem too worse for wear. We drug him to the vet for a rabies shot update just in case. He was less than thrilled about that and got a clean bill of health.

Ingrid just posted this post before I was done so some people may have gotten an odd post. She was trying to tell me to stop typing and go change her diaper. ;o)


Nat said...

The first time I read that third paragraph I thought it said,

"Charlie discovered it and managed to get in a tussle..."

It was an interesting mental picture.

organistsandra said...

We'll just have to assume your blog name is referring to the chickens in your freezer. After all, nothing in "Karinschickens" says your chickens are the "running around the yard" variety.

Rev. Rick Stuckwisch said...

I always thought that your "chickens" referred to your children.

Seriously, I did.

Which made me think twice when I first read that you'd gotten rid of all of them.

Maybe, in light of Sandra's suggestion, you could rename your blog: "Karinsfrozenchickens." You might even start your own food franchize with a cool name like that. Then you could diversify into "Karinsdeadfish," etc. The possibilities seem pretty endless, actually.

You see, there is life after chicken.

Karin said...

Ok, I guess it does refer to my children and they are definately not in the freezer or gone. They are definately flopping around the house right now. If I ever feel the need to get rid of them I will call one of you quick! ;o)

Charlie in a tussle with a 40 pound coon......I hope HIS rabies shot is up to date! Actually his nickname in college was Boone as he used to do quite a bit of trapping in PA so perhaps he really has been in a tussle before? Never asked him.

Anan said...

You forgot the part about me trying to bash the coon's head in with a pick-axe! *pouts*