Thursday, November 13, 2008

Nose blowing lessons

Benjamin does not know how to blow his nose. A very likable member of Emmaus caught wind of this (or heard the snorting) and offered to teach him how. He prides himself on his ability to teach this skill to children. Well......I have offered my children money to do this so perhaps I will have to get him a gift card if he succeeds. But, he discovered last night during what he thought would be the first and last lesson, that Benjamin truly is a challenge. I have had many people mention to me that he should learn to blow his nose as his snorting is pretty gross, but frankly, I already have tried and tried and teaching nose blowing is harder than you think if the nose blower doesn't come by this skill naturally.

The child and his teacher paid rapt attention to one another during this charming lesson. Benjamin nodded in understanding to the directions to close his mouth and breath out through his nose but......he sucked in anyway. His teacher smiled, tried not laugh, and kept prodding him with tips and......Benjamin is not demonstrating understanding. He now has an assignment to practice breathing through his nose. I somehow need to remember to remind him to practice.
How to remember this with my mile long of list of things to remember will be the trick. Maybe we can offer a pizza party in celebration as seriously, a kid being able to blow his nose and not gross out everyone around him is no small feat where this child is concerned. He is still very smiley and charming though despite his handicap.

Did you learn anything or were you prompted to deep thinking????? :o) THIS is the deep thinking I process during my days. :o) Keep smiling, like Benjamin.


Moria said...

True story: I don't remember my exact age, but I was somewhere in upper elementary school before I learned to blow my nose.

Karin said...

We learn the most interesting things about you. My sympathies to your parents but I am sure that you too smiled charmingly at your parents when they tried to teach YOU to blow your nose.