Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Stefan's bday so far

So he began his bday at 3:00am, screaming from his crib. I have no idea why he was up but at least this screaming did not involve cleaning anything up. It took Charley and I a combined four times up the stairs to convince him it was night time. Charley even took him out on the front porch to show him it was dark. Happy Birthday Stefan! Needless to say he has been grump ever since. He then got up at 6:20 and Matthew got him up that time and took him downstairs for a "Ba". Ever since the time change his schedule seems all mixed up. That is one thing I have against day light savings time, you cannot explain it to a two year old.

I made him his favorite meal for lunch and we sang him happy birthday. He cried. He smiled when everyone said 'yay' at the end. He is now back in bed and the rest of his family is resting up for the rest of his bday. After church tonight we will have cake and give him his present. I got him that Usborne book where the mouse goes all over the house. We have an old one but it is getting pretty worn out so thought he might enjoy a new one. I will have to keep it safe from his siblings.

Ingrid slept from sometime in the evening on my shoulder (I think 10 something) till 7:30 this morning. I thought at one point in the night she threw up but I must have been dreaming. But I also think Charley heard it too. was a long night.

We are looking forward to church this evening. I feel like I haven't been there much in a long time and I guess that is true with all the sickos. Maybe life will get back to normal. My house needs to get out of normal. Perhaps I should have just gotten up and cleaned in the night while Ingrid was sleeping?

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