Friday, July 25, 2008

Drive throughs

I stopped by the ATM this morning and politely pulled around the building a second time since I could not find my card quickly. How nice of me. Then when it was my turn I discovered that I could not reach the key pad from my 15 passenger van driver's window which has not been a problem in the past or at least not in the most recent stomach was hindering me. So I had to pull around again as my body could not get out between the door and the machine. Sigh. I did my cute little depositing and get cash thing but apparently this was taking too long for the person in the car who was now behind so they started honking at me!!!!! I couldn't believe it. Was it not obvious what the problem was? And do we ever use our imagination when we are mad at the people in front of us for taking longer than we think is appropriate? So I pulled myself back into the van after they kept on honking. I was FINALLY done (we are challenged to get to the bank at all.....) I honked back once.........dear husband upon hearing this tale mentioned a particular scene in Fried Green Tomatoes. TaWanda! Ah Christian Love! Oh bother my stomach inconveniences others. Can you believe the gall of me to think I could try to keep living like everyone else. I should have just lumbered into the bank right?

Oh, this incident reminds of the time I was expecting Stefan and stupidly parked in a spot for expectant mothers. I came back out of the store and someone had parked too close to my driver's side and so......I had to crawl through the passenger side to be able to get in the car. Perhaps the signs should include some courteous note about allowing room for clearance. I have not tried this type of parking spot again.........

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