Thursday, July 24, 2008

"The View" is updated

Finally I have a current picture up. I last updated the view in April I believe. Yes, it is very much like a jungle in the yard. I barely keep up with the mowing. Last night I mowed the lawn so that maybe I would be SOOO tired that I would sleep at night. That didn't work. I may still mow a patch only so I don't get too terribly behind. Here is a picture of the much talked about garden.

When I mow the lawn I see a lot of work everywhere. There is still some tree refuse to pick up out of the field, some little person collected walnuts in a plastic bag where they have been cooking for who knows how long by a tree, poison ivy invades everywhere, creeping myrtle creeps, poke berries litter the fence, brush grows faster than imaginable in the less traveled fields and I try not to have an anxiety attack.

I still need to take current pictures of this years pigs and chickens. The chickens were weighing in at eight pounds earlier this week which is really very good. Perhaps I already mentioned that.

Anna and Erik get home tomorrow. We have been disjointed as a family for weeks and it will seem odd to have everyone back together again. I am sure it will take awhile for them

to recover. Sigh. Every day during fair week can be a challenge.

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