Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I forgot

My dear husband proved his eccentric ways last evening. He heard that a large tree had come down around the corner from our house. I am the one who told him. I clearly was not thinking when I told the man with the wood fetish that there was a large tree down within easy reach and free for the picking. So as usual while I was out and about for the evening my dear hubby gets it in his head to do the crazy.

He made a wood sled several years ago to pull logs in the winter time. The main part of the trunk of this tree was quite large and he had no way to lift it onto the trailer so........he somehow pulled it onto the sled since it is lower to the ground. Then, the crazy guy drug the trunk on this sled back to our house. People along the way were staring and apparently using their cell phones to call the police with their 'concern' for this lunatic. So when Charley got back to our house a policeman pulled in behind him. Mr. Policeman was smirking and asked him a few questions and relayed people's concern for his safety. Sigh. The log or sled had been putting out sparks as it was drug around. I suppose he could have told the policeman that he was from the mountains of Pennsylvania and that would have explained a lot. My husband will do anything for a log I think. He is now plotting what he is going to do with it.

Other times when I have left he has felled many a tree, some which nearly hit the house and definitely shook the house. I should never leave him home alone unsupervised........I never worry too much about the kids. Erik was laughing and taking great pleasure in telling me this tale when I got home with Matthew from Scouts. He will be telling dad stories till he dies. "I remember when dad did thus and such......." or "who needs Paul Bunyan, let me tell you about what my dad did one time."

Never a dull moment around here.......


Karin said...

Reply via email from hubby who doesn't know how to comment on blogs

just read this- cute! Actually I strapped the sled to the log upside down and used the truck and a chain to roll the sled over so that the log was on top. Worked like a machine- very quick and efficient. This is how I would move large logs in the future.

Anita said...

LOL! That explains that look in his eye when I told him last year about a tree falling down in our yard.
I should have recognized it since it's the same look I get at when I find out my favorite shoe retailer is having a major sale:))

Karin said...

uh...yes. The look in the eye. I must have lost my mind when I told him this little interest story from the paper.