Saturday, July 19, 2008


So there is a little more than six weeks left till baby and tasks on my list are frankly barely touched. We have gotten some done. I think I am at the point of survival and making sure I put up and use the veges that are coming from the garden. The onslaught is soon to come. I stayed up with my garden pal weeding last night till the sun went down. We got a lot done and the garden still looks great. She came back this morning in the rain and did some more. Charley would not let me go out and help which I felt sort of badly about but I am not sure I could help too much. We have had wonderful rain today so we should see a boost in production soon. The salad greens are still doing ok and are not bitter.

I love talking in the garden with my garden pal. The craziest things are talked about out there in the midst of sweat and hard work. It is far more fun to work together with someone else on such a project than going it alone. We review with each other the successes and failings between bugs and strange sudden deaths of plants and work together to figure out solutions. The crazy talk keeps us in good humor and helps us to perservere. I have no doubt that families worked together on such projects as a norm years ago and this sort of work bonded them as well. I can't say my boys are always bonding when taking care of chickens and such together but honestly digging, hoeing and hard work in general has always floated my boat and to have a kindred spirit willing to put forth this sort of work together has been quite a blessing for us both I think.

The fair is a week away and projects are turned in all next week. We are acccepting that some projects just won't get completed this year and we are NOT going to kill ourselves trying to make things work just so the leaders don't fuss at us. I will have to perfect the goofy smile if confronted by a bee leader who wants to know why our tired family did not have a project to turn in. Ignore, ignore, ignore....... Some are SOO into the fair and SOOO hung up on the competiveness that I have really aquired a distaste for it as there are many more important things to me than this whole fair thing. I know the kids learn things but my kids have learned because of themselves and their interests have been turning to other things as the years go by. Next years fair is in early July so we will have to consider what all else is going on before we commit to animal projects next year.

I better get to bed. The hoeing and digging left me restless and not sleeping well last night so hopefully sleep will cooperate tonight.

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Debbie Theiss said...

All I want to know is, doesn't the beech tree have any leaves by now? ;-) New pic?