Thursday, July 31, 2008

Fair Week and being 41

So I started out the week lamenting how expecting a baby at 41, battling heat and too much to do has been a challenge and frankly depressing. Things seem to be a little better. I still marvel at how far away anything is on the floor and how difficult it is to go up and down the stairs. Perhaps I mowed too much lawn last week and it has taken a week to recover. I don't know. My brain and body seem not to be able to cope as well this time around. I know I HAVE frustrated my family some as they are used to me being able to do and keep up with most things around here even if it is not house beautiful all the time. At least the family is accustomed to my making dinner and it not being too much of a challenge. Then they might find me taking a nap and everyone seems to be stunned. I never take naps and neither have I needed to while expecting. How odd.

I am excited the fair is just about done. The piggies are gone and the broilers go through the auction tomorrow. I will buy them back if they are not bid high enough. Then, we will clean up our area and head for home!!!!! Yay! The end of the fair always holds a glimmer of hope that we might start having a routine again and get on top of things here at our house a little more. Fair week means basically running back and forth to the fair to take care of this and that and attend stuff, and then the house gets somewhat out of control. I did find the strength to actually cook a decent meal tonight and the family noticed a difference and gobbled it down.

Charley and the kids are at a poorly attended Chuck Wick's concert this evening. I am sure Anna is enjoying it. Charley likes his stuff too. The younger crowd stayed home with me and watched some dvds and basically did nothing. That too was nice.

The kids during fair week usually lose their minds and seem not to remember the most simple tasks as they are pretty distracted by the chaos of life. I can easily say I can't take much more of this insanity and Charley has been stunned as well, but I remember that this has happened for the last several years so I guess we should just expect this.

If the baby comes a week early there are four more weeks left and at the latest six weeks. Cecilia is the only one who came early and Anna is the only one who came late. I notice this is the girls who didn't pay attention to their due dates. We shall see, but that does not leave a lot of time for MY nesting. There shouldn't be too many distractions to cause us to leave the house but the home front and the garden WILL keep us busy.

Oh, the kids did pretty good at the fair but they are not too worked up about it either. We are waiting to see how Anna's project did at the State Fair. There does not seem to be any results posted yet.

Off to my bed/sleep magnet.......

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