Friday, August 01, 2008

Interesting auction

I thought this year's auction would have a poor response with the economy etc. becoming more of an issue for most people. Nope. Low and behold the boys did better at the auction than they ever have! That was pretty surprising to me. Perhaps the buyers figured that they would give a little back to kids who worked hard or something. All three buyers were new to the Horner scene and were very nice to the kids when they talked to them after their sale. This mom is happy. Usually we get half of what they went for this year.

I mistakenly bought them ice cream cones after the sale and the little children found various reasons to make ice cream into an ordeal. All my guilt for buying ice cream at odd times when they weren't around is washed away. I personally love dairy barn ice cream, especially peach. I neither wrestle with it or have it dripping all over the van or scrutinize the amount compared to my neighbors. Ice cream just makes me happy in general. ;o) is an ordeal for hot, can't walk, bored little children who have not eaten enough ice cream in their days to keep drips and holes in their cones from developing. Sigh. Till next year Dairy Barn! We won't be practicing this skill too much in the meantime with the kiddos.......

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