Friday, August 22, 2008


Veges and honey and a four monster chickens were processed yesterday. I think in years past my goal was to process at least 14 quarts of food daily. We overshot that yesterday. Our bees did not do too well this year but I believe that was our fault as they are in a bad spot. It rained so much this spring that they were sort of sitting in a swampy area with no hope of moving them so we are all processing trying to remember in December or January to move their home. I would say we only got 4 gallons so far but will check our other hive that is about 30 minutes from here in a week or so to see if the bees decided to cap the honey off. That was our swarm and it did surprisingly well for a swarm. No complaining here.

I am processing things that hardly seem a reality at the moment but I know will become reality soon enough. Lord willing the new little tiny person will be here in the next few weeks so I am trying to rearrange clothes etc. and find supplies for the little guy ;o). I look at new born/infant diapers and their SIZE is hard to process. Can a newborn bottom dollar be THAT little????!!!!!! Sigh. So much to think about.

I am also processing parenting strategies and trying to figure out how to combat forgetfulness in the kiddos. Or is it selective deaf behavior. I am not a fan of nagging but seems that is my title at times. To think I was so appalled at nagging as a kid. Shocking isn't it?

What I really need to do is go wash a few floors and perhaps take a nap as the honey processing didn't end till nearly midnight. Bed magnet.....can I get by you to the bucket and the mop???? Here's hoping!

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