Saturday, August 02, 2008

Another Saturday

It happened again. My cell phone fails to notify me of messages until days after the fact so we missed the message that Anna did not need to come into work today. I packed up the little kids and Anna and away we went. We suspected that something was up when there was no one at the store when we got there and our suspicions were confirmed a few minutes later. I am sure I had stated it was better to call the home phone as I am not married to my cell phone but I guess they missed that somehow. So now I feel a little less enthused to get anything done and it is already late.

Our sprinkler is being disagreeable again. This is the third or fourth sprinkler we have tried this summer and they seem only to work for a few days then they stop. I will have to wait for the hubby to examine this one when he returns from the fair.

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