Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A lot to do

Our guests are coming a day later than they originally planned but perhaps that is for the best. We have so much that needs to get done around here our heads are spinning and we had too much fun yesterday so I am certain the kids are at least tired where as I am good and tired. Where to turn first? Benjamin came and talked to my stomach this morning insisting that that the baby come out now. He started searching my sweatshirt pockets for the baby but only found his hand on the other side.

We definately need to pay attention to the garden today. It is a good thing my garden pal is returning so she can process some winter goodies too but she will probably be exhausted as well. All these tired people........that is a good thing. :o)

We visited a different fair yesterday and I did see the pros and cons of each. Their fair is more fair as far as entries as they don't require tons of expensive stuff like framing etc in order to enter. That was nice and refreshing. The hoops our fair requires you to jump through can be pretty ridiculous especially in the expense department. There seemed to be less of an age restriction as well. The only con I observed was I think I understand they all turn their exhibit stuff in on the same day and the lines are long. I am not sure how I would feel about that but I guess it would get it over with. We have several turn in days and we need to keep track of them all......that can be a pain as well but the lines are not so long.

Off to work......

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