Sunday, August 10, 2008

Almost baby time

So the few weeks before baby can be sort of weird and awesome at the same time. They are weird to me because this life within kicks and squirms but does not have a face to me and unlike most expecting parents we don't know if it is a girl or a boy. As soon as the baby is born I can not imagine life without that little one but before I might have a freak out over worries of how to handle life afterwards. Unfaithful me. Throw in a little worry over the baby's welfare and being anxious about labor and my mind just keeps spinning over all these different thoughts. You would think that this would be routine. My brother commented once when I was starting labor with Cecilia that giving birth must be like going out for pizza anymore. Well.......I hardly describe it as similar to going for pizza but still labor and delivery are not my favorite topics after one pretty bad back labor where the baby never turned and has a permanant bump on his head to this day in memory of that grand event. I had to laugh at the pastor this morning about saying 'in reality (or something like that) that a person should really die in the labor process" Thanks pastor, that really helped my pysche but believe me I can't argue with that point. That back labor kid was the time I was really ready to check out. So stop worrying Karin and God WILL help you through. I just seem unfocused this time around. All I can do is proceed, pray and trust things will go ok and afterall labor and delivery are not a permanant condition........

So wiggly baby, what will you be like, look like, cry like etc. I am excited to find out and am looking forward to the afterward.........

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Blogversary said...

Back labor is not fun. I had it w/ my first and she turned around too. My sciatic nerve was horribly painful.

With lots of massage and stuff, my doula and her assistant wer able to turn my daughter, but she was born with a ridge on the back of her head.

The ridge messed up her jaw, but we took her to a infant chiropractor for three months and he fixed it. Amazing.

My thoughts are with you.