Sunday, August 03, 2008

Baby names

Specifically girl names.....we have apparently not decided on a girl's name yet. Dear husband announced a week or so ago that he wasn't crazy about the girl's name. The kids all like it and I am not going to say what it is/was online as we don't like too much outside influence. So now I am trying to figure out possibilities and it is sort of hard. No....don't make suggestions as I like the name to come from one of us and frankly I have mulled over so many names that it probably would just rule out more. Oddly I like to have ownership over this process with the dear husband so there are no opinions stated.

I have looked and looked at A LOT of name sources and there really is nothing that jumps out at me as one that I just love. So then what? We have a lot of old names that we have chosen for a girl each time and then the baby was a boy so we seemed to start over again each time. I think I will write all of those out and give them to Charley and see what he comes up with. I do not like trendy names so I have to check out that list too. Although when we named Anna the name wasn't popular at the time but apparently it became very popular around that time. We still like the name (of course) so the trendiness was not such a big deal.

Then of course there is the time and energy we put forth in this process and the baby obviously could be a boy. We seem to have a few boys around here........I hope Charley is ok with our boys name. Maybe we just will change all previously thought of names and surprise everyone.

Better go sleep on it.


Lukey said...

I really love the name Verity. One of my personal faves. What do ya think?

Karin said...

Well, I actually have never heard that name before. I do think we have scored one for the original name that was picked out. Still won't say what that was. The doctor liked our name a lot so Mr. Horner is softening a little towards it. As someone else said "If the Godfather and doctor like, who are we to argue?"