Monday, August 18, 2008

Confirmation and other things

Our family has been having a vacation at home. We have had two college friends and their families (15 total people) through since last Thursday and the house suddenly seems very quiet. Stefan's Godparents and family were through and should be back this Friday simply because they were in the area. They have eight kids and are convinced the baby is a girl as our count by girls and boys is exactly opposite. Erik's Godparent's were through for his confirmation and that mom is convinced the baby is a boy and says she is usually right. Well, it will be one of those ;o). The kids have been spoiled with at your disposal friends and entertainment. That is why I call it a vacation without leaving home.

Erik's confirmation went very well and I was of course proud of him. In his examination Saturday night as well as when I went over things with him, he usually forgot his wife but remembered the land and animals etc. He didn't know I was smiling. Don't forget your wife Erik! I am sure he is relieved though and ready to move on but not stop going to church. He worked very hard on his memory work so he should be happy about how things went as well.

My parents both have medical issues going on so we are in frequent contact with them. We won't know anything conclusive till Wednesday so I won't elaborate on that but that is what is going on presently.

Benjamin says the cutest things. There is a friend at church who was finally able to come back after knee surgery and complications and Benjamin saw her Saturday night and talked with her. She has a wheel chair and a brace so this sort of caught his attention as well. He fell asleep during the examination part and remained asleep till we left. So on Sunday morning he saw her again in the same spot he saw her the day before and he asked in a very put out way "You're still doing this????!!!!" It was pretty funny. She got quite the charge out of it.

It is a day later than I started this post so need to go pay attention to garden stuff and cleaning up the house despite the fact that everyone seems pretty tired still. Maybe it is just me so I will take the 'slow and steady wins the race' attitude.

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OFHP said...

She got more than a charge out of not only made her day
but it also made her week!!!

Out of the mouth of babes !!!!